(to girls and boys) :-)

I am sure each and everyone of you has been „struck“ by this  beautiful and overwhelming feeling at least once in your lives. Beautiful and overwhelming?! Yeah, sure!

It usually takes you by surprise, hits you right in the face and leaves you there helpless and lost.

I would not consider myself the jealous type of girl. See, I’ve got this great set of principles I am trying to stay true to. A man who does not appreciate everything I have to offer – looks, brains and especially my willingness to devote myself completely to the man I love – is DEFINITELY not worth the effort.

Still, I have recently found myself torn between feelings of love and fear, sadness and anger! I never thought I would doubt my man’s love! I never thought I would see our connection be in danger. Romantic and stupid at the same time.

After some days of thinking and doubting, I have finally found a way to deal with those feelings – mainly because I am sick of wrapping my mind around my man thinking about other women! Here it is!

Flirting is OK if your lovers think they need it. If they do not know how special you are and if they like wasting their energy for some meaningless and trashy fling – then you should let them go for it!

You are worth way more than that!

Don’t let anybody EVER tell you anything else!

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