February 2008

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Slowly but surely spring is coming up. Beautiful flowers are popping up, singing birds make waking up in the morning a whole lot easier and the sun is no longer afraid of brightening up our days. Heavy winter coats and oversized pullovers finally disappear into the darkness of our closets and we can actually tell the difference between night and day again.

Thinking of spring I inevitably have to think about a few unpleasant realities, as well. Think magazines! More specifically, think magazines for girls and women! What do you see?

RIGHT! Cover pages and plenty of magazine space crammed with “useful” tips and tricks how to lose AAAaalll the weight we have put on over the winter months.

There are stunningly beautiful supermodels, well-known celebrities and perfect strangers smiling at us trying to sell their all-time favorite spring diets or miraculous sports programs.

20 pounds in only 2 days!

There are all kinds of suggestions on how to cut back on all the fat and carbohydrates we love so much, pictures of meals consisting of nothing but vitamins and air, and scrutinizingly detailed explanations of sportive movements only circus artists and aliens seem to be able to perform.

I have not come across a single article yet telling me I should be satisfied with myself because I am as perfect as I can be.

DON’T you think it’s high time those magazines cut us ladies some slack?!

You don’t need no suicidal fitness program or anti-age wonders! What you REALLY need is a great deal of sunny days, time for yourselves, and lots and lots of fun! And I promise, you’ll be all sexy and irresistible by the time your bikini is dying to be put on.