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(to girls and boys) :-)

I am sure each and everyone of you has been „struck“ by this  beautiful and overwhelming feeling at least once in your lives. Beautiful and overwhelming?! Yeah, sure!

It usually takes you by surprise, hits you right in the face and leaves you there helpless and lost.

I would not consider myself the jealous type of girl. See, I’ve got this great set of principles I am trying to stay true to. A man who does not appreciate everything I have to offer – looks, brains and especially my willingness to devote myself completely to the man I love – is DEFINITELY not worth the effort.

Still, I have recently found myself torn between feelings of love and fear, sadness and anger! I never thought I would doubt my man’s love! I never thought I would see our connection be in danger. Romantic and stupid at the same time.

After some days of thinking and doubting, I have finally found a way to deal with those feelings – mainly because I am sick of wrapping my mind around my man thinking about other women! Here it is!

Flirting is OK if your lovers think they need it. If they do not know how special you are and if they like wasting their energy for some meaningless and trashy fling – then you should let them go for it!

You are worth way more than that!

Don’t let anybody EVER tell you anything else!

Having Nader take some pepto-bismol?! I like that idea!

First of all, talking white? Talking black? Where are we? 19something?

Second of all, statements like this can be found pretty much everywhere, in every country and in every area of life. I guess that’s part of human nature (at least of some humans’ nature).

This is how it goes:
Something good happens! There is finally somebody being able to get people’s attention! An interesting, motivating and inspiring person!

What do we do?

Dig deep and try hard to find something to criticize! Grown-up actions, huh?!

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I do get those “students gone wild” parties on campus, I do get masses of booze being gulped down like there was no tomorrow and I certainly do get young adults wanting to sleep in after a long night of partying –

But, people, BE honest!

Is THAT really necessary??? ;-)

Is THAT really necessary? Is THAT really necessary?

You lose yourself in dreams about coming home and falling into his arms [He is, of course, just waiting for you to enter your “temple of love” (aka apartment)]. You are dreaming up some wild kissing and passionate love-making.

With your hopes all up you finally reach the doorstep. You slowly turn the key, sing “Hello, darling, I’m home” and … wait … two minutes have passed … you are still waiting (in case you were wondering).
And if you hadn’t moved you would still be waiting. Coz he’s sitting in front of the TV enjoying WHATEVER and not thinking about jumping up from his seat and doing to you what you have so nicely came up with in your secret dreamworld.

Why would three little boys, not older than 5 years, start throwing stones at sweet little baby ducks? Why would they be laughing their butts off and wishing to finally hit one of those tiny, innocent creatures? I can tell you why!

Because their parents are probably the same dumb, ruthless and disrespectful human beings, who – in my opinion, which I know is harsh but fair – should not have the right to share this planet with us and those cute, little ducklings!

Picture this!

It’s pouring down. Walking around in town, you need an umbrella if you don’t want to end up all soaked. You are on your way to a café when, all of a sudden, some strange security person stops you and orders you to give him your umbrella. IT could be used as a WEAPON, after all.

If you are fast and clever enough you can politely tell that person to back off and not to try to violate your very fundamental rights again. If you are not, you might find yourself standing in the middle of town all soaked and dirty. That’s exactly what happened to a great number of people in Klagenfurt today.

Just because it’s the EURO 2008 in Austria!

All I can say is KEEP ROLLING, stupid ball!

How you find your way round your workplace very much depends on you as a working person!

If you are just some pot plant standing around and waiting for someone to tell you what to do, then you’ll probably be just fine.

If you are one of those slimy people who permanently tell their bosses HOW MUCH work they have done in only half a month (like fill in some forms, answer about 9 emails and send out 2 letters of request), you might be alright, as well.

If you are, however, one of those people who like taking on responsibility, are not afraid of thinking for themselves and actually take their job extremely seriously, you are, FOR SURE, having a hard time!

A hard time fighting ignorance and stupidity! A hard time dealing with “colleagues” who may, for some reason unknown and unclear to you, have a position higher than yours even though they should be the ones bringing you coffee! And a hard time because most of the time you seem to be working for nothing, even though you know that without you your workplace would be way more of a mess than it is anyways!

Today, the most necessary things often turn out to be pretty luxurious!

Take milk, for example, or bread! Basics, aren’t they? You would think that basics are easy to purchase, that you don’t have to think about what to buy.

I, however, constantly find myself standing in front of the bakery section or cooled shelves of some supermarket checking and comparing prices. I don’t even dare think about cold cuts. Let alone cheese!

Now, I am someone who can consider herself to be, let’s say, well-off!

What about those people or families who do not have the choice but must always go for the cheapest, sometimes even expired products just because their financial situation does not allow for more?

Not even for fresh and healthy basics!

Vincent van Gogh is art, right?! PICASSO is art, no doubt! Oh, and that guy with those ‘I-am-running-away-just-for-fun’ clocks – what’s his name? Salvador Dalí!

PEOPLE, you are thinking WAY TOO sophisticated and WAY TOO serious!

I would say PARKING is an art!

Name: Bettina
Age: 26 (almost 27 :-) )
Job: Teacher
Passion: Turning Visions into Reality
Motto: Always DREAM BIG and never let other people LIVE YOUR LIFE!

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