January 2008

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Picture this: you are sitting in your office not daring to look outside because the weather is just too bad. You are minding your own business, working on the computer when all of a sudden the door is opened and a lady steps in with a beautiful bouquet or red roses.

They are for you …
From your boyfriend, husband, the love of your life.

What’s your first thought?

Are you just happy smiling from one ear to the other dreaming about that guy who has once again enchanted and surprised you ooooor do you think he has done something wrong, like cheating on you, and wants to make up for it?

Well, honey, the latter definitely makes you a freak (except for those girls, of course, who have seriously experienced something like that already).

The first one makes you a person who still believes in love, romance and surprises!!! Have a happy and cheerful day, girls!

I am really glad a new year has finally started. Done with all the old baggage I was dragging along for so many months. Strange, but true! The clock said ‘midnight’ and I felt like a new human being, completely free and definitely ready to conquer the world.

I wish you all a beautiful, successful, and most importantly, fulfilling 2008!

Don’t let the world out there get you! Take chances and be happy as much as you can! Every moment you are not happy and smiling is a lost moment – you will never get it back, that’s for sure!